Downhill on snow


The Snake Gliss is a group sledging concept featuring identical sledges that join together by means of a detachable axle to form a single train supervised by a guide.

Sitting on his sledge with his feet resting on the sledge in front, each participant takes part in the group effort to ensure the giant sledge makes a smooth turning movement!

The resulting snaking of the train through the turns gives the passengers a totally new sensation, either on a gentle cruise or a more 'energetic' descent.

This is where the great appeal of this concept lies!

The activity is an excellent team-building experience and fun for all the family, with thrills and laughter among friends guaranteed!



A cross between a snowboard, a scooter and a BMX bike, the snowscoot can be ridden both on and off the piste anywhere that skis or a snowboard can go.

The snowscoot consists of a frame, two boards and a set of front forks with handlebars. The user stands up, his feet firmly in place in a natural stance which makes it easy to get the hang of and a thrilling ride in just a few goes.

The snowscoot is of course designed to be used with ski lifts.