Composition of the track :

geotextile fabric in contact with the ground,

Frame stainless steel, 10 mm thick with metal rim 160 x 15 cm with raised edges, all crayoning anchored in the ground,

substrate plates 40 x 40 x 2.7 cm (70% HDPE, 30% ethylene and lubricant) connected together and fixed to the frame,

Total average weight 5kg / m2

Advantages :

Resistant to all weather conditions (UV, rain, snow, frost)

The pleasure of gliding 365 days per yearand  high-level to entertainment,

Friendly solution environment and secure

Sensations optimal glide through the process of different heights of the pins,

Steady descent safe with raised edges all along the route,

Installation / removal quick and easy


The alpine coaster is a gravity-driven ride that can be used all year round.

The alpine coaster features a continuous track with a start point and a climb, followed by a descent which takes the user and car back to the start point.

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The summer toboggan (also known as the alpine slide) takes the basic principle of a winter toboggan run and applies it to summer.


The user can also control the cart with a joystick positioned in front of him.

Unlike a conventional toboggan, the summer toboggan runs only on a special plastic track purpose-built in the mountains.

Each run features a variety of speeds, and banked turns make the ride extremely exciting.

Why choose TECHFUN?

  • We have installed more than 120 km of tracks in the last 20 years.
  • A large number of ski resorts around the world have chosen this very profitable and exciting activity.