The Techfun concept 

Techfun specialises in designing and installing high-adrenaline aerial and downhill leisure facilities. Installations can be both indoors and outdoors.

At Techfun we enable our customers to increase the appeal of their tourist attractions by introducing and running economically profitable leisure activities.

The values of the Techfun concept:


For the participant:

  • The pleasure of learning and progressing with supervision
  • Independence / excitement / thrills / fun and more... in complete safety
  • The pleasure of sharing the experience with friends, adults / children, family and work colleagues
  • Being challenged and surpassing oneself
  • Fun leisure activities that encourage progress at a variety of ability levels


For the operator:

  • An economically profitable concept
  • Diversification of the tourism offer
  • Enhances site appeal
  • Part of a customer-loyalty process aimed at making the user come back, thereby increasing revenue per visitor


Market segment:

Energetic indoor and outdoor high-adrenaline leisure facilities, both aerial and downhill.

Segment / Customer base Oudoor Indoor
Aerial leisure facilities Via ferratas, aerial adventure trails, rock climbing schools, aerial tourist attractions, suspension footbridges, etc. Koezio
Aerial downhill leisure facilities Zip wires Zip wires
Downhill leisure facilities Karts and scooters for use on grass and tracks, Snake Gliss, Snowscoot, airboarding, downhill on snow, alpine slides and alpine coasters  
Urban adventure trails Macao Sky Walk Adventure park


What we do

  • Masterplanning (economic, social, environmental and design studies, etc.)
  • Design
  • Conception
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Maintenance


Techfun is a subsidiary of MND Group and has worldwide reputation.

  • Techfun absorbed - Prisme SAS - since 1 April 2014.